Sports & Events

Go Big or Go Home

Sporting venues, arenas and stadiums can be challenging but here at HD we have consistently shown creativity & expertise in design and fabrication. We cover everything inside & outside arenas from wayfinding right up to superhuge stadium banners. View our portfolio of signage solutions for sports applications.

Why choose HD Signology?


HD uses state-of-the art commercial print presses to produce high quality large & grand format printing, a CNC Zund to create bespoke shaped prints & substrates and a flatbed UV to print onto almost any material ie. wood, concrete, glass and more!

Linemark Group

HD Signology are part of an award winning trio of succesful British businesses within the Origin PLC. Initially a paint manufacturer, Linemark UK now supply line marking paint, grass marking machines and accessories to the UK and to 50 countries on five continents.


Everything we do is created at our spacious 48,000 sq ft premises in the heart of the Rossendale Valley. This gives us total control over our production and means our signage and print goes out on time and on budget.


At HD we strive to create new, fresh ideas for our clients, with disctinctive techniques, trens, equipment or materials. We even branded a BEACH for the Grand National