Improve Any Office With Wall Graphics

Are you looking to enhance your workplace? There are endless possibilities to improve the look and feel of your office, one of them being the addition of custom wall graphics.

Not only do wall graphics give you limitless options, they can help improve your marketing efforts and add some flair to brighten up an otherwise dull space. Here at HD Signs we know that each business is unique which is why we custom-make all our wall graphics to make sure your workspace is as individual as you are.

The benefits of wall graphics for your office


Well designed, creative wall graphics can help you attract the right kind of business. A quality wall graphic can help clients instantly recognise your brand and create a visual experience that they will remember.

A great benefit of wall graphics is that they can be temporary or permanent to correspond with your current promotions or marketing efforts. For example, vinyl graphics make for a convenient way to promote one off events, offers, or campaigns. If you are looking for a more permanent addition to your office, we can install full wall wraps, and digital print wallpapers to ensure you make a statement.


Get inspired…


If you are considering wall graphics for your office but aren’t sure where to place them here are a few ideas…

  1. Reception – How are you welcoming clients to your business? Why not make an instant impression by putting your company logo or mission statement on the wall. Just take a look at this cut vinyl design we completed for Ask Solicitors. Not only will they get your message out there, it will give your customers something else to read other than outdated magazines!
  2. Break room – Every employee needs a little ‘me time’ during the day, so why not brighten up the break room with some inspiring graphics. Use soothing and refreshing imagery to allow them to recharge in a visually different area of the workplace.
  3. Workspace – If you are running a creative business, why not use your wall space to inspire and engage employees. Put up some memorable quotes, or ask them for their input into the design to make the room a reflection of their thoughts and values.
  4. Corridor – Corridors are often overlooked but they can be incredibly useful spaces. Install creative, custom graphics along your office walkways to stand out in the memories of potential clients and business partners. Check out how much of an impact this digital print wall wrap makes in the entrance tunnel at Burnley FC!

No matter what you’re looking for, wall graphics can be a really affordable and quality way to showcase your business. Get in touch today for friendly advice!